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Cold​-​Steel Kiss

from by Soilent Green

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stand and face it... recreate it...
more stable... see the way
interpret the task... gun to mouth...
never put on the mask
my mental walls seize the fire
promises made... promises left unkept
broke the rule... broke he last straw
hurt once... hurt no more
the world spins so fast
dizzy from the rope swinging
with your neck in it
sank too far deep inside
got to pull out... get out
life is a series of trials... if you fall
you fail... no one cares
behind you... beneath you...
sore from crawling
the need for this aloneness...
closed circle... for all this incompetence
your decisive mind trying to disease
wet your lips... apply the steel tip
imagine... sex... stimulation
relax... tight grip... tight squeeze
orgasmic trigger... twitching finger
ejaculation overload... explode... framed
brain spray
indulge in distrust
enough to cover the ears
everything's cruel right now
to soothe... to isolate
my pain is but a flat line
spiraling down to trouble
your locked down
stone cold emotion
stoned, ripped... twisted
the final thought
perceive this dame
that holds the hurt... lose control
by tribal instinct
exterminate actions of bliss
a minds unfocused... introspection
you've betrayed me once-
i've betrayed me twice
your world is shit-
my world is your device
bitter taste... bitter hate
i can't shake it... i can't break it
i've smiled too many times
to cover-up my discomfort
...never again... not anymore
the surroundings are blending
meshing together in a spiral
vacuum chamber
of intense artificial thought
tired of agreeing... time to disagree
head laying low... take my breath... hold it


from Sewn Mouth Secrets, released October 6, 1998



all rights reserved


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