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You want a vision you can't have A line that you can't walk Writhing on the floor You won't be aware 'til it's too late Cause you never look around You're like a deer in the headlights baby Queen of delusion you will never learn compassion Start a fire and you can never put it out You're burning up in the blaze you started I want to see you face down Because I know that you play that part so well At our wake the casket is open ready for viewing But we are still moving Already we smell of rot There will be no comeback No coming back for any of us now No way out Don't you realize there is nowhere you can hide Where I'm from there is never a rest for the hunted No way you and I will ever be done We're never apart Whatever you're doing We will always cross your mind You were young and now you pay the price for her
Lurch 02:03
I don't know your name, but I know you Do you lust for fame or forgiveness? Well I'll give you everything you want Well I'll give you anything you need You won't be perfect so best to freeze you in this state go on home you shouldn't be walking around on this day Now you've stuffed your throat You've walked on your burial ground Oh you'll draw the crowd With honey porcelain skin and crystal baby blues You're picture in my pocket, I'm obsessed with you Oh sweety there's no sense in crying you're above them all Barricade the door you can hold my hand for comfort when you fall You wear your skin so fresh Your smell intoxicates Little starlet
Got so much salt from your lies poured into me You didn't see yourself dead already So full of with every breath you breathe But you forget that in your fairytale I'm the wolf All this attention got you thinking that you're a queen You think that everything you're doing isn't a dream Long as it feels right I had gotten frozen by the way you walked By the love that you gave by that look on your face It's a coverup I know everything You're made for letter fame Regret is part of your name There's something you couldn't tell It's what you wanted to feel It's what you're dying to feel Check out your face on the wall Like what you see? I'm sure you see yourself oh so unique You're just a sucker for the flame of the week But you forget that in your fairytale, bitch, I'm the wolf All this attention got you thinking you were a queen You thought that everything in life you want should be free Nothing is what you think
I could never have Standing here with you One regret One mistake Nothing we could do After this is done You can go your way Don't forget This is how Everything should be Don't you ever go
Now You laugh forever you laugh The winner and the best man Corrupter Shapeshifter Your voice is the sound of nothing Butcher of every artform Peddler of deceit Watching the hour hand drag Destroyer of the past We're smart enough to say we're sorry Not smart enough to start again Dancing in death's illusion The pride before the fall Candy for the children Give it to them all
82588 01:56
Fallen angel how you've changed Poison runs through your veins You were never a saint but now you're a sin Spoiled rotten from within Who clipped your wings so useless? Cut them yourself? Chewed off your own? Good thinking You were coming apart and I thought I could help you Through the fever Not the first one Not the last one I'm not sorry for you I remember a time when everything that you knew I thought I already knew in my mind And I thought you knew the same I know truth will set you free Cracked and crazy baby
Milk Lizard 03:55
My thick tongue hangs down low to the ground Licking up the sweat coming off of her heels She wants my teeth to wear She wants my hell to bear Well missy it's a lock for load If you wanna grind hips don't do it alone Don't save no dance no not for me Just cut me out You crept up like a disease looking like a girl only trying to be saved Your heart was trying to bleed and you're taking the right road if you're talking to me Well you thought you'd tear my skin from bone Just cause it was cold and you needed a coat Don't tease me just start digging the hole start digging Oh you're getting so sleepy tonight And you wanna go home but you don't have a ride No time just taste won't touch for free My salt your sweet And you were there And I was every question that never had an answer I see right through you We never even noticed that There always was a reason That we were never meant to be left alone This feels like neverending
You are only the faded star of my design Junked out lost potential and crazy from your questions answered Walk forth You're the fulfillment of a fallacy A creature from fantasy Don't think that you ever knew me Don't you ever see We are forever entwined stuck in a play we can't get out of Don't you ever see Won't you ever see You and I will never be able to end this We are forever entwined stuck in a play we can't leave You say someday we can start up again Without a plan no sign of the pressure I say you're crazy I hope you see my face in the mirror You will never learn You're forever dead to me Won't you ever see Your shadow?
I made a big mistake With you tonight The way our insides burned Like moths flying to the light As the sun begins to set I cannot find my way back Walking with my eyes on fire I never found the payback I know the games we play Give us a way A way for us to see if we still feel alive We'll never feel like anything is wrong The tragedy is not just our own sad song Walls we have built and bridges we have burned Deeper the hole the farther we feel from harm Time is always right behind us Like the lamb under the gun I'll hold on to this forever This is never long enough
Horse Hunter 03:11
Stumbling over dead forgotten Catch you and the secret falls away Falls away You were drunken from delusion Slipped and so the secret fell away Fell away I see you Tears in your eyes Yeah this party is a bore and you're the joke Me and you We are the light Sit with me Give me your hand You should go your way You are no friend of mine Life still lives on lives Red sea inside these walls Commerce is your god Cannibalistic flies Monarch of your womb Messiah of your thighs How sacred is the web that must be spun Your taste is on the tip of every tongure Down, lets stay down Take me all the way All the way down Shout, shout out loud Make us proud for days All the way down Give to fire Beyond the soul desire
Our trust runs out tonight Everything we said dissolves And now we say our last goodbye Nothing to resolve I never imagined you'd turn into this But then the end was always close We could feel it all along Don't you know where We could hide the lies You were a mouth without a heart An action without meaning And you walk afraid Reaching for the hands that turned closed


After Miss Machine, Dillinger Escape Plan fans were divided. Many of the folks who were attached to the screaming mathematical metal of Calculating Infinity bailed on the band, disapproving of the experimental musical direction and the meathead appearance of new singer/screamer Greg Puciato. Open-minded listeners were excited about the progressive journey they were taking and many critics hailed the group as a true innovator of metalcore. Ire Works succeeds in many of the same ways that their previous album did, while branching out creatively. They continue to toy with technical metal, blistering hardcore, jazz breaks, and post-punk, but here they evolve again by adding more twists and turns with additional electronic elements. While the merging of too many styles in hardcore can make for a convoluted result (see Avenged Sevenfold's self-titled release), the added instruments and genre changeups enhance the result rather than acting as ornamental distractions. Edgy Aphex Twin-style drill'n'bass drum breaks and stretched and squeezed electro blips feel strangely at home next to the psychotic time-signature changes and manic riffs, especially on the tracks "Sick on Sunday," "Dead as History," and "When Acting as a Wave." Violins, pianos, and trumpets sit nicely in the mix, and the group's willingness to take chances leads to stunning artistic endeavors rather than stale attempts at crossing genres just for the sake of being clever. Original vocalist Dimitri Minakakis makes an appearance, as does Mastodon guitarist Brent Hinds, but the most notable inclusion is drummer Gil Sharone, who proves himself an expert at picking up the slack after the departure of founding member Chris Pennie to play in Coheed and Cambria. Undoubtedly, this act added anger to fuel the fire of their heavier numbers. "82588," "Fix Your Face," and "Party Smasher" are as wicked and manic as their most difficult earlier stuff; conversely, the melodic hooks and falsetto of "Black Bubblegum" and the watery ambience of "Mouth of Ghosts" balance out the album nicely. It can be inaccessible and terrifying all at once, but in a genre overly saturated with formulaic groups, Ire Works is a true standout. If DEP aren't careful and continue down this innovative path, they could easily be labeled the Radiohead of metalcore. A visceral metal album that pushes the envelope? Who would have thunk it?


released November 13, 2007

Relapse Records


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Relapse Alumni Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Classic albums from the esteemed alumni of Relapse Records including Mastodon, Incantation, High on Fire, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Nile, Amorphis and many more!

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